"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why" - Mark Twain

Writing 220 - December, 2014


Welcome to my writing ePortfolio.  I'm a writer.  I don't know why, and I don't know how, but for some reason I'm able to put words down onto a page and enjoy the process of doing so.  Writing is my escape - it's where I go when I have nowhere else to turn and whom I call when I need to talk.  The paper is my voice; the pen my microphone.  Through my first semester in the Sweetland minor in writing program, I feel I have expanded my horizons as a writer.  It started in exploring why I love to write, moved to something I’m familiar with in creating a fictional story, and ended with figuring out an entire new medium of digital rhetoric.  The guiding idea of this ePortfolio is that I am a writer.  From writing half a novel, an academic paper on ethics, blogging on the class page, to even crafting three movie trailers, I am a writer. 


I’m not quite sure exactly when I figured out my fondness for writing.  The first real memory I have is in my freshman year history class in high school.  However, it did not come from writing any sort of paper or essay – quite the opposite actually.  I recall being typically bored in a lecture about the middle ages or something like that.  My mind wandering, I thought it would be funny to write down whatever crazy thoughts popped into my head and produced these paragraphs making fun of the teacher and the subject.  I showed it to my friend next to me who started laughing.  My teacher came over so I closed the document without saving it.  But, I thought to myself, this is sort of fun.  From there, I’ve written several short stories and even half a thriller novel.  My favorite papers are when I have complete control over the topic.  I love to create and I love to write.  So enjoy – 

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